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Are you a tax professional? Advance your career by adding Tax Resolution Services to your practice. Our brand-new Tax Resolution Nuts & Bolts manual will teach you the basics and provide you with sample forms and letters. Purchase your copy today and be on your way to becoming an expert.

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Tax Resolution Nuts and Bolts

Over 900 pages of tips, hints, definitions and how to’s in addition to forms and publications. This manual will prove to be invaluable to you when you perform Tax Resolution Services.

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The Tax Resolution Coach’s Marketing Guide

Over 120 pages of marketing tips and strategies in addition to sample marketing aids to use in getting new clients.

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The Tax Resolution Coach’s Correspondence Guide

Over 165 pages of sample correspondence to use in your Tax Resolution practice. It includes letters from the IRS, letters to use in responding to them and letters to use when communicating with clients.

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All 3 Tax Resolution Coach’s Manuals

Purchase all of the Tax Resolution Coach Manuals and save $100!

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We offer three Membership Networks. Each have their own set of unique benefits. They all come with the basics and then some benefits are added to each successive Network. Each Network offers different levels of access to the Coach.

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The Tax Resolution Coach’s Manuals & Videos

The Tax Resolution Coach’s Membership Network Levels

Why You Should Offer Tax Resolution Services

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About The Tax Resolution Coach

Charles K. Montecino operates a Tax Resolution company known as Tax Problems Solved, LLC. He is located Southern New Jersey, near Philadelphia. He is a former Shareholder, with his daughter, of Montecino & Ciaccia, P.A., a Certified Public Accounting firm. As a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, he has significant experience in helping clients solve their IRS problems.

Why you should offer
Tax Resolution Services

Don’t throw money away by referring your client to somebody else to get these problems resolved. They will probably be well taken care of but at the same time wondering if, when at one of the worst times of their life, you’re the person to handle their tax matters. You’re probably losing clients because you cannot offer them these services.