Why You Should Offer
Tax Resolution Services

There are millions of taxpayers that owe billions of dollars to the IRS and don’t know where to go for help. You can be one of those go to practitioners.
There are millions of notices generated by the IRS every year that are incorrect. The taxpayer just assumes the IRS is correct because they don’t make mistakes, right?
Every day taxpayers are being audited, receiving notices and letters that might be incorrect, Some of them are your clients. Do you feel lost when they get one of these notices? Or worse, embarrassed because you cannot help them?
If so, that is why you need to learn how to offer these services. Don’t throw money away by referring your client to somebody else to get these problems resolved. They will probably be well taken care of but at the same time wondering if, when at one of the worst times of their life, you’re the person to handle their tax matters. You’re probably losing clients because you cannot offer them these services.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic alone, there will be millions of taxpayers that will:

  • Withdraw funds from their retirement account and not have adequate withholding causing them to owe the IRS money they don’t have.
  • Not pay their business payroll taxes causing trust fund penalties to be asserted against the business owners.
  • Have collected unemployment benefits without having adequate income tax withheld causing them to owe taxes they cannot pay.
  • File bankruptcy owing income taxes that cannot be discharged. You will learn that the most recent three years of tax debt is not eligible to be discharged in bankruptcy. The taxpayers and their attorneys will need your help.

Just with the Coronavirus Pandemic there should be at least five years of cases to resolve. These are only some of the reasons that you need to offer tax resolution services. With our training manuals and membership networks you can be a hero to your clients.